How to expand VMDK disk space using vmkfs tools command

First you would need clone take a backup of the current VMDK file. Here is the format on how you can take the backup of the VMDK file.

vmkfstools -i  <source-file>  <destination-file>

Source = /vmfs/volumes/4e1bd456-2f6f018c-dd56-000c2989b6dd/WinXP/WinXP.vmdk
Destination = /vmfs/volumes/4e1bd456-2f6f018c-dd56-000c2989b6dd/WinXP/WinXPnew.vmdk

vmkfstools -X 12G /vmfs/volumes/4e1bd456-2f6f018c-dd56-000c2989b6dd/WinXP/WinXP.vmdk

After extended the disk from VMware you would need to manually login to the operating system and perform the below task, to complete the disk expansion.

  • Start – run – type diskpart
  • type list volume
  • type select volume 1
  • type extend

For more inputs on disk expansion visit VMware KB 1007266

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