High Level Boot process of ESX server

Several boot loaders are used on Linux systems, such as the Grand Unified bootloader (GRUB) and the Linux Loader (LILO). ESX uses LILO as the boot loader and has system components that expect the presence of LILO as the boot loader, so don’t replace LILO with another boot loader, or your server may experience problems. The configuration parameters for the bootloader are contained in / l i l o . c o n f in a human-readable format, but the actual bootloader is stored in a binary format on the boot sector of the default boot disk. This section explains the boot process of ESX

Server, as well as how to load the VMkernel and configuration files.

1 . BIOS is executed on the server.

2. BIOS launches LILO from the default boot drive.

3. LILO loads Linux Kernel for the Service Console.

4. The Service Console launches VMkernel.

5. MUI Server is started.

6. Virtual machines can then be launched by VMkernel and managed through MUI.

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