Learning PowerCli!

Hi All,

I have started working / improve my skill ‘s on PowerCli scripting… and wanted to share the notes that I have captured during my learning process.

I hope it helps and Welcome to the PowerCli ERA!

Instruction on how to install PowerCli is available in this link. Lets start the journey!!! 🙂

  1. Why learn PowerCli?

    “If you repeat it, script it”.

A good system administrator is lazy!

2. What is PowerCli?

  • Free VMware product formerly known as the VI Toolkit for windows.
  • Scripting toolkit for vSphere and vCenter.
  • An interactive shell
  • A scripting engine
  • Remote access to your vSphere environment.
  • PowerCli is made for Admins not for developers.

3.  Enable PowerShell Script Execution

Note: As a security precaution remote PowerShell scripts cannot be executed unless you enable it. This is required before VMware commands can be executed.

Open up the Windows PowerShell command prompt and type

    set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned



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