Happy Birthday Blog!

The blog turned one year this month and I just can’t believe how quickly one year has passed by. Hope I get time and resource to perform some R&D and post interesting content following year. I have mostly captured details that would help me and I’m loading it to my blog for quick access. I will be very delighted if you find it useful.

Thank you for reading and others who just left spam comments in my blog 😀 . I look forward to another great year with more VMware virtualization information to share! A special thank you also goes out to other bloggers and VMware virtualization community members for sharing your time and knowledge and continuing to inspire me to do the same.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!

  1. Congrats Ravi.. it is very informative to see the latest Virtualisation topics that you have included so far… Keep it going 🙂

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