Exporting output to Excel from ESXi command line?

When troubleshooting I often had this problem while copy pasting stuff from command line on to excel, as the output just gets copied in to one cell instead of row and column format.  I recently figured out how to overcome this annoying time consumer..

This may not be a major tip but certainly gets the job done for me and hope you find it useful as well… Here it goes..

I have performed command “esxcfg-scsidevs -m”  and if I copy / paste it directly on to excel, it looks something like this…. Everything on to B which is what we don’t want.

To get the report in row / column format here is what you need to do..
1. Copy the data from command line.
2.  After pasting the content in to excel, you would see paste option button as shown below.  Select the second option “Use Text Import Wizard….”

3. In the wizard click next in the first screen and select Semicolon and Comma from the second. Click next and then finish.

You should now see a more readable form of the report which we extracted from command line, this is very useful when you are troubleshooting… 🙂


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