Paul Grevink has released the VCAP5-DCA Study Guide

The content of the (349 pages) VCAP5-DCA Study Guide was first published as a series of posts on Paul’s blog “Adventures in a Virtual World”, these posts were written in preparation for his VCAP5-DCA exam and are based on the official VMware Blueprint. The posts had to meet the following goals:

  • Based on the official Blueprint, follow the objectives as close as possible.
  • Refer to the official VMware documentation as much as possible. For that reason, every Objective starts with one or more references to the VMware documentation.
  • In case the official documentation is not available or not complete, provide an alternative.
  • Write down the essence of every objective (the Summary part).
  • If necessary, provide additional explanation, instructions, examples and references to other posts. All this without providing too much information.
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