Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0 book from VMware press…

This is another excellent and must read book from VMware press on critical storage front, this book is authored by Mostafa Khalil (VCDX -002).

Buy Mostafa’s book – Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0. I highly recommend this book as an essential tool for all vSphere administrators and architects. Every VMware customer and partner (all 480,000 of you) should have a copy of this book.


New Book – VMware vSphere Design, Second Edition

Written by two virtualization experts and packed with real-world strategies and examples, VMware vSphere Design, Second Edition will help you design smart design decisions.

  • Shows IT administrators how plan, deploy, maintain, and optimize vSphere virtualization solutions
  • Explains the design decisions typically encountered at every step in the process and how to make the right choices
  • Covers server hardware selection, network topology, security, storage, virtual machine design, and more
  • Topics include ESXi hypervisors deployment, vSwitches versus dvSwitches, and FC, FCoE, iSCSI, or NFS storage
Find out the “why” behind virtualization design decisions and make better choices, with VMware vSphere Design, Second Edition, which has been fully updated for vSphere 5.x.

vSphere networking basic’s???

Recently while searching for a networking related topic, I accidently landed in this website. It’s an awesome website and got the info I have been looking for a long time. If you are new to VMware and want to understand the background on virtual networking.  I strongly recommend you to go through “The-great-vswitch-debate-one-big-pdf-file”.

It’s a well written document on virtual networking and can be extremely useful if you are learning virtualization and serious about making a carrier of  it.

2013 top VMware & virtualization blog!!!

I am back after a short break got held up with loads of personal stuff; also have to mention that I am on-call for this week :(. Have you had a chance to check the top Virtualization blog for 2013, well here is your chance? Eric Siebert who runs the excellent virtualization blog “” has come up with a top blogs for 2013.

The below only features the top 25 blog and go through this link for complete list.