Free e-learning course – VMware vSphere 5.5 What’s New

VMware vSphere 5.5 introduces many new features and enhancements to further extend the core capabilities of the vSphere platform. This E-Learning will discuss features and capabilities of the vSphere platform, including vSphere ESXi Hypervisor, VMware vSphere High Availability (vSphere HA), virtual machines, VMware vCenter Server, storage networking and vSphere Big Data Extensions.


Free e-learning course – VMware ThinApp Fundamentals

VMware ThinApp Fundamentals is a free e-learning self-paced course that provides you with an overview of VMware ThinApp features and concepts, technical requirements and installation steps, and how to use the ThinApp Setup Capture wizard to virtualize applications. You will also learn how to deploy VMware ThinApp applications to end users as well as learn basic troubleshooting techniques.
The course consists of four modules:
  1. VMware ThinApp Features and Concepts focuses on The App’s features and benefits, the ThinApp architecture, and common use cases.
  2. Capturing Applications discusses the technical requirements and steps for installing ThinApp and how to use the ThinApp Setup Capture wizard to virtualize applications.
  3. Deploying and Updating Applications provides an overview of how to test, deploy, and update ThinApp virtual applications.
  4. Basic Troubleshooting covers common issues that may occur when using ThinApp virtual applications and troubleshooting tools and recommendations.

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Free e-learning course – VMware Horizon Workspace Fundamentals

The Horizon Workspace Fundamentals free eLearning course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of how to install, configure, and use VMware Horizon Workspace.


In Module 1, you will learn how VMware Horizon Workspace works, the key industry challenges it solves, and you are provided with an overview of the Horizon Workspace end user interface and the Administrator Web interface.
In Module 2, you will learn about the Horizon Workspace architecture and components. In Module 3, you will learn the main Horizon Workspace installation and configuration tasks.
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Free e-learning course – Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with VMware Fundamentals

This free self paced eLearning course facilitates the avoidance of the pitfalls commonly encountered when experienced VMware vSphere professionals cross the chasm of Tier-1 SQL Server virtualization.

After completing the course, you should be able to:
  • Describe how to design and implement SQL Server database on VMware.
  • Describe how to design for uptime and performance.
  • Discuss how to leverage VMware products and technologies.
  • Discuss various SQL Server licensing scenarios.
The course consists of five modules:
  • Introduction to SQL Server Database Virtualization discusses virtualization trends. This module also covers vSphere performance transparency, customer perceptions, and common objections to virtualization of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Physical Stack Fundamentals discusses Microsoft SQL Server licensing concepts. This module also covers reference architecture of SQL Server database on vSphere. In addition, the module discusses several storage, vSphere host sizing, and networking considerations.
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Video – Tintri’s CTO Kieran Harty explains VM-Aware storage architecture

Kieran Harty explains the company’s new approach to data management for the software-defined data center. Tintri VMstore provides Zero Management Storage for virtualization and cloud. Tintri VMstore was built from the ground up based on the industry’s first and leading VM-Aware Storage architecture to deliver always-optimized storage for dynamic virtual environments. Tintri VMstore was created with virtual machines (VMs) in mind. It uses and understands VMs and virtual disks in place of such traditional storage abstractions as volumes and LUNs.

Video – Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments

Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) is the first all- encompassing security solution for virtualized datacenters, specifically architected for the dynamic datacenters of today. SVE protects any number of virtualized desktops and servers running on Windows and Linux systems. As opposed to traditional antimalware, Bitdefender centralizes all the scanning and update processes on a virtual appliance called Security Server, which helps deduplicate critical resources and diminish I/O activity on the physical host.