Free e-learning course – Horizon View 6 and Mirage

This free eLearning course highlights the new features and enhancements in Horizon View V6 and VMware Mirage V5 products. It also presents use cases that describe how the new features align with customer needs.

At the end of this course, you should be able to explain the key features of Horizon 6 and describe the enhancements to the different product areas — View, Workspace, and Mirage.

1. Course Introduction – Course Overview, Navigation, Course Objectives

2. Horizon 6: An Overview, Introduction to Horizon 6, Key Features of Horizon 6, Horizon 6 Architecture, Horizon 6 Editions

3. Horizon View V6

  • Introduction to Horizon View V6
  • Cloud Pod Architecture Overview
  • Cloud Pod Architecture Diagram
  • Cloud Pod Architecture Example
  • CPA – Client and Server Configuration
  • Hosted Applications with View V6
  • Hosted Applications – Benefits
  • User Experience on Windows/Mac
  • User Experience on Mobile Clients
  • Hosted Desktops with View V6
  • Virtual SAN
  • Virtual SAN Benefits
  • Virtual SAN Architecture
  • Virtual SAN Configuration
  • Virtual SAN Workloads
  • Use Case: How Do New Features Align With Customer Needs.

4. Horizon 6 Workspace

  • Unified Workspace
  • Workspace Features and Benefits
  • New Applications in Workspace
  • Horizon Hosted Apps
  • Citrix XenApps
  • Enhancements to ThinApp
  • MS Office 365 Integration
  • Key Features of Workspace
  • Multi-Forest AD for Workspace
  • Workspace Launcher
  • Web Application Links
  • Use Case(s): How Do New Features Align With Customer Needs

5. Mirage V5

  • Mirage with Horizon 6 Desktops
  • Horizon View V6 and Mirage V5 Integration
  • Horizon Mirage CVD Policy
  • Windows 8.1 Support
  • Migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1
  • Manage Windows 8.1 Images
  • Mirage Gateway Enhancements
  • Horizon Mirage Gateway Architecture
  • Use Case(s): How Do New Features Align With Customer Needs
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