Cisco UCS Networking videos

I recently missed out on a Cisco UCS training and was looking for some deep dive content in UCS. Thanks to Brad Hedlund for the series of Cisco UCS videos in his blog.

I am thrilled to share this 12 part video series covering Cisco UCS Networking! obviously the entire credit for this work goes to Brad Hedlund.


Part 1 – The Physical Architecture of UCS


Part 2 – Infrastructure Virtualization & Logical Architecture


Part 3 – Switching Modes of the Fabric Interconnect

Part 4 – Upstream Connectivity for SAN


Part 5 – Appliance Ports and NAS direct attach


Part 6a – Fabric Failover


Part 6b – Fabric Failover (cont)


Part 7a – End Host mode Pinning

Part 8 – Inter-Fabric Traffic and Recommended Topologies


Part 9 – Connecting UCS to Disjointed L2 Domains


Part 10 – Gen2 Adapters


Part 11 – Cisco VIC QoS


Part 12 – SPAN and IPv6


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