Free Cloud Computing and Converged Infrastructure certification – Don’t miss it!

Wow! free Cloud computing and Converged infrastructure certification that is awesome. Where to start? read through for more details. 🙂

Rackspace CloudU Certification:

RackSpace has collaborated with Cloud computing analyst and blogger, Ben Kepes and came up with a free basic cloud computing certification and training program.

I strongly recommend you go for Rackspace’s (a top Cloud Provider in Public Cloud segment) CloudU certification. This is a vendor-neutral certification curriculam designed for technical professional who want to enhance on the basic fundamental knowledge on Cloud computing.


CloudU certification has a series of 10 modules, each with its own quiz at the end of module, after successful completion the next module would be activated to read through and to complete. After completing the modules the final exam consists of about 50 questions drawn from all 10 modules. A score of 80% is required to pass and obtain CloudU certification. Upon successful completion of the exam you would be issued with a digital certification (I have attached mine below). 😉

CloudU - Ravi

To take up this exam, you need to register at CloudU-Rackspace and select CloudU curriculum under “Quick Links”. Good Luck.


VCE™ Certified Professional Program

VCE is offering a free training, exam for Converged Infrastructure. The VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA), drives success by validating the real world expertise in the evolution of VCE industry leading technologies.

Data center transformation involves more than just technology change. Ultimately, there is a change in business processes and job roles. The role of the VCE Certified Professionals is to bring clarity and quality to the architecting, deployment, and operation of a converged infrastructure environment.

The training consist of an online eLearning course which is very informative and I suggest you don’t miss it, which is not mandatory to take up the exam. The eLearning cover all the basic information required to administrate the Vblock system. It also contains extensive details on the Vblock family 100, 200, 300 and 700.

I took the exam immediately after completing the eLearning and it had about 60 questions to pass and again 80% score is required to pass this free exam. After successful completion of this exam you would receive a digital certificate.


Final Word:

I strongly recommend you get the above certification which sure adds credit to your profile. The eLearning offered is very informative and straight forward. Successful completion would demonstrate professional development in the area of Cloud and Converged Infrastructure.


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