Free Webinars from VMware

I blogged back in February on the list of free webinars VMware is offering, the details can be found here. The below are the list of webinars due for May 2015, Don’t miss out!!!

14th May Overview of Storage I/O Control
(LEVEL) Intermediate- Advanced
* Why SIOC
* SIOC features
* Noisy Neighbour
* How SIOC helps
* Shares and increasing priorities
* Recommended latency thresholds
* Limit IOPS and SIOC

21st May What’s new in vSphere 6
(LEVEL) Beginner
* An overview of new features in vSphere 6
* Feature changes from vSphere 5.5
* New best practices

28th May vSphere Networking – Best Practices and Troubleshooting
(LEVEL) Beginner – Intermediate
* NIC Teaming
* Redundancy and Load Balancing
* vDS
* Common Issues

To register to these webinars, open the attached 2015 Webinar catalog [pdf].

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