ESX Logs:

Log File Name Details
/var/log/vmkernel Vmkernel Records activities related to the virtual machines and ESX host
/var/log/vmkwarning Vmkernel Warnings A copy of everything marked as a warning or higher severity from vmkernel log. Easier to look through than vmkernel log
/var/log/vmksummary Vmkernel Summary Used for avaialability and uptime statistics. Human-readable summary in vmksummary.txt
/var/log/vmware/hostd.log Host Agent Log Contains information on the agent that manages and configures the ESX host and its virtual machines
/var/log/vmware/vpx VirtualCenter Agent Contains information on the agent that communicates with VirtualCenter
/var/log/messages Service Console Log from the Linux kernel. Useful for underlying Linux issues. The kernel has no awareness of VMs running on the VMkernel
/var/log/vmware/esxcfg-boot.log ESX Boot Log ESX Boot log, logs all ESX boot events
/var/log/vmware/webAccess Web Access Records information on Web-based access to ESX Server
/var/log/secure Authentication Log Contains records of connections that require authentication, such as VMware daemons and actions initiated by the xinetd daemon
/var/log/vmware/esxcfg-firewall.log ESX Firewall Log Contains all firewall rule events
/var/log/vmware/aam High Availability Log Contains information related to the High Availability (HA) service
/var/log/vmware/esxupdate.log ESX Update Log Logs all updates completed using the esxupdate tool

ESXi Logs:

Log File Name Details
/var/log/messages Messages Messages logs records and contains the combination of vmkernel and hostd
/var/log/vmware/hostd.log Host Agent Log This log records details regarding ESXi service
/var/log/vmware/vpx/vpxa.log VirtualCenter Agent vSphere client agent log
/var/log/boot-logs/sysboot.log ESXi Boot Log ESXi Boot log, logs all ESX boot events
/var/log/vmware/aam/vmware_<hostname>-xxx.log HA Log records event related to Hight Availability

Note : ESXi logs will be rolled over after a reboot or power off of an ESXi host.

ESXi host logs can also be accessed via the web page, for instance my ESXi IP address is

The URL to access the logs would be

Log file location in vCenter server

Log location : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs

Log file types:

The Log file rotates when vpxd reached 5 MB in size or when the vCenter server (.i.e. vpxd service) is started. For more details please refer to VMWare KB 1021804

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