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Free e-learning course – VMware Horizon Workspace Fundamentals

The Horizon Workspace Fundamentals free eLearning course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of how to install, configure, and use VMware Horizon Workspace.


In Module 1, you will learn how VMware Horizon Workspace works, the key industry challenges it solves, and you are provided with an overview of the Horizon Workspace end user interface and the Administrator Web interface.
In Module 2, you will learn about the Horizon Workspace architecture and components. In Module 3, you will learn the main Horizon Workspace installation and configuration tasks.
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Free e-learning course – Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with VMware Fundamentals

This free self paced eLearning course facilitates the avoidance of the pitfalls commonly encountered when experienced VMware vSphere professionals cross the chasm of Tier-1 SQL Server virtualization.

After completing the course, you should be able to:
  • Describe how to design and implement SQL Server database on VMware.
  • Describe how to design for uptime and performance.
  • Discuss how to leverage VMware products and technologies.
  • Discuss various SQL Server licensing scenarios.
The course consists of five modules:
  • Introduction to SQL Server Database Virtualization discusses virtualization trends.┬áThis module also covers vSphere performance transparency, customer perceptions, and common objections to virtualization of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Physical Stack Fundamentals discusses Microsoft SQL Server licensing concepts.┬áThis module also covers reference architecture of SQL Server database on vSphere. In addition, the module discusses several storage, vSphere host sizing, and networking considerations.
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