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PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux

PowerShell is open sourced and available on Linux. PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language built on the .NET Framework to help IT professionals control and automate the administration of the Windows, and now Linux, operating systems and the applications that run on them.


Today’s customers live in a multi-platform, multi-cloud, multi-OS world – that’s just reality. This world brings new challenges and customers need tools to make everything work together. Microsoft is working company-wide to deliver management tools that empower customers to manage any platform, from anywhere, on any device, using Linux or Windows. This shift to a more open, customer-obsessed approach to deliver innovation is one of the things that makes me most excited to come to work every day.

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PowerShell and PowerCLI for beginners

PowerShellPowerShell Scripting is a must have capabilities these days that every system admin should posses, automation saves much of precious time for system admin, it also enable operation efficiency by reducing risk involved in manual work.

A good system admin should be LAZY!  (only when it comes to manual work…..)


It’s best to start with PowerShell as it’s the core, knowledge on Cmdlets, objects, Function and Filters to name some is required. Go through this link below where free videos can be downloaded from Microsoft on “PowerShell Essentials for the Busy Admin”.  It’s a 5 part series and all parts are free for download.

Next According to me the best online tutorial available starting from scratch till managing Active Directory via PS.  http://www.powershellpro.com/


Book’s for reference: (The ones I am referring currently)

Microsoft Windows PowerShell Step by Step

Bruce Payette’s book – Windows PowerShell in Action


PowerCLIPowerCLI – A Windows PowerShell interface for managing VMware vSphere.  Powerful command-line tool that lets you automate all aspects of vSphere management, including network, storage, VM, guest OS and more.

VMware provided a “Automation Fast Track” Training which can enroll to get familiar with PowerCLI.


• System administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems
•  Scripting experience in Windows PowerShell, VBScript, Perl, UNIX, or other languages featuring variables and control structures.

Pluralsight – Has some great video training on PowerCLI on this link.

Books for reference:

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration

Learning PowerCLI

Good Scripting Blog for reference: