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Free e-learning course – VMware Log Insight Fundamentals

The Log Insight is a FREE self-paced course that provides information about the Log Insight solution and describes how it works, its architecture, installation, configuration, and how to use it for log analysis.

The course consists of the following self-paced modules:
  • Log Insight v1.5 Overview: This module provides an overview of Log Insight, including use cases and architecture.
  • Log Insight v1.5 Installation and Configuration: This module provides information the installation and configuration of Log Insight.
  • Log Insight v1.5 Analysis: This module provides information about how to use Log Insight for log analysis.

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vCloud Automation Center 6.0: Introduction


VMware vCloud Automation Center helps companies improve service delivery times by automating provisioning and management if IT services across multi-vendor deployment technologies, tools and processes.

In this video we will look at some of the business drivers that are increasingly causing IT departments to deploy on-demand, cloud infrastructure and some of the challenges that companies face with their deployments.

Video – Tintri’s CTO Kieran Harty explains VM-Aware storage architecture


Kieran Harty explains the company’s new approach to data management for the software-defined data center. Tintri VMstore provides Zero Management Storage for virtualization and cloud. Tintri VMstore was built from the ground up based on the industry’s first and leading VM-Aware Storage architecture to deliver always-optimized storage for dynamic virtual environments. Tintri VMstore was created with virtual machines (VMs) in mind. It uses and understands VMs and virtual disks in place of such traditional storage abstractions as volumes and LUNs.

Video – Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments


Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) is the first all- encompassing security solution for virtualized datacenters, specifically architected for the dynamic datacenters of today. SVE protects any number of virtualized desktops and servers running on Windows and Linux systems. As opposed to traditional antimalware, Bitdefender centralizes all the scanning and update processes on a virtual appliance called Security Server, which helps deduplicate critical resources and diminish I/O activity on the physical host.