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My third article published at IntenseSchool.com – Creating and Configuring VMware Clusters

I am really excited that my third blog post has been published at Intenseschool.com. Back in May 2014 my first article got published on “ESXi and Virtual machine patch management” and you can find my blog post here and in November my second article published link here.


My third article on “Creating and Configuring VMware Clusters” can be found here. Hope you find my article’s useful, informative and feel free to comment.

New Book – VMware vSphere Performance

VMware vSphere Performance VMware vSphere is the industry’s most widely deployed virtualization solution. However, if you improperly deploy vSphere, performance problems occur. This book is authored by Matt Liebowitz, Christopher Kusek and Rynardt Spies. I am glad to highlight that had worked with Rynardt Spies, he was a consultant and was part of an assignment for our company for a short duration. 🙂

Aimed at VMware administrators and engineers and written by a team of VMware experts, this resource provides guidance on common CPU, memory, storage, and network-related problems. Plus, step-by-step instructions walk you through techniques for solving problems and shed light on possible causes behind the problems.

  • Divulges troubleshooting methodologies, performance monitoring tools, and techniques and tools for isolating performance problems
  • Details the necessary steps for handling CPU, memory, storage, and network-related problems
  • Offers understanding on the interactions between VMware vSphere and CPU, memory, storage, and network

My first article published at IntenseSchool.com – ESXi and Virtual machine patch management.

ExcitedI am really excited that my blog post published for the first time in an online training site. This is my first occasion were I had written an article other than my blog. I want to take this opportunity to thank Intenseschool.com for approaching and providing me this prospect.

I have attached the link to the article below and request you to take few minutes to read and comment.

Article Link

Troubleshooting VMware vSphere [V5.5] Webinar

Listen and learn how to increase your skill and competency using the VMware vSphere Command-Line Interface (vCLI) to analyze problems. The webinar discusses best practices using products VMware ESXi 5.5, VMware vCenter Server 5.5, and vCloud Director. You’ll gain knowledge on specific troubleshooting issue techniques for:

  • SSL certificates
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • VMware vCenter™ Single Sign-On
  • VMware vCenter Server
  • VMware ESXi host
  • VMware vSphere Cluster
  • VMware vSphere vMotion
  • Virtual Machine

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