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vSphere Design Pocketbook 2.0 Blog Edition

PernixData has announce version 2 of the vSphere pocketbook, edited by PernixData’s chief evangelist Frank Denneman. The book consists of the top virtualization blogs from 2013 and 2014. Authors include: Duncan Epping, Cormac Hogan, Josh Odgers, William Lam, Michael Webster and more.

vSphere design book Web

Though this information is shared bit late, only recently I got to know about this book while searching for good material for my preparation on VCAP5-DCD. I find this book an excellent reference material on vSphere Design at free of cost and hence this blog post, I will print this book and will start reading it 🙂 . Here is how you get a copy of this book, click on the download button below and fill a simple form and voila you should get your free copy. 😉

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Blogging and Network design tips and tricks.

First, I would like to Wish you all a Happy and Successful New Year 2015.


I was recently searching for handy tips on how to improve blogging and ended up at Ethereal Mind by Greg Ferro. Greg has published a fantastic book on how to improve blogging skills titled “Arse First Method of Technical Blogging”. I bought this book and finished it in a single day, I really enjoyed the simplicity in which he has published the content in this book. I would recommend this book to both new and seasoned bloggers.

Technical Blogging

Greg is generous to set a minimum as well as a suggested price for this book. A free sample of this book can be downloaded from here. I’ve also purchased another book on Visio design titled “Network Diagrams With Visio” need to start working on my Visio design skills. 🙂

Network Diagrams

I recommend both the books, hope you will take the time to download the free samples and may be consider buying the books.


Free eBooks from Microsoft Press


Microsoft have made available a handful of free-to-download ebooks which provide an introduction and information on some of their enterprise and development products, such as Windows Server, Azure, .NET, etc.  Some of these eBooks don’t contain the same level of technical detail that you’d usually find in your average IT manual (although some of these eBooks, such as the development related topics do) they do provide a enough detail for someone wanting an understanding of the features and functionality found within that particular software product and the associated technology set.

Click here to visit the Microsoft Press site which contains a list and download links to these eBooks.

New Book – VMware vSphere Performance

VMware vSphere Performance VMware vSphere is the industry’s most widely deployed virtualization solution. However, if you improperly deploy vSphere, performance problems occur. This book is authored by Matt Liebowitz, Christopher Kusek and Rynardt Spies. I am glad to highlight that had worked with Rynardt Spies, he was a consultant and was part of an assignment for our company for a short duration. 🙂

Aimed at VMware administrators and engineers and written by a team of VMware experts, this resource provides guidance on common CPU, memory, storage, and network-related problems. Plus, step-by-step instructions walk you through techniques for solving problems and shed light on possible causes behind the problems.

  • Divulges troubleshooting methodologies, performance monitoring tools, and techniques and tools for isolating performance problems
  • Details the necessary steps for handling CPU, memory, storage, and network-related problems
  • Offers understanding on the interactions between VMware vSphere and CPU, memory, storage, and network

Networking for VMware Administrators – Now Available grab your copy soon…

NVAI have already blogged about the book “Networking for VMware Administrators”  in an earlier post written by Chris Wahl and Steve Pantol published by VMware Press.  This is a must have book for all Virtualisation and Networking Admins, as this book would bridge the communication gap between the teams.  In my personal opinion team’s like Network, Storage and Virtualization don’t get the time to speak to each other. They start to operate in Silo to me which is the reason for projects getting delayed.

But even when the teams speak they don’t speak the same language, what is key for an Virtualization admin doesn’t mean anything to a Network person….


This book illuminate the core concepts of modern networking, and show how to apply them in designing, configuring, and troubleshooting any virtualized network environment.

Drawing on their extensive experience with a wide range of virtual network environments, the authors address physical networking, switching, storage networking, and several leading virtualization scenarios, including converged infrastructure.

Teaching through relevant examples, they focus on foundational concepts and features that will be valuable for years to come. To support rapid learning and mastery, they present clear learning objectives, questions, problems, a complete glossary, and extensive up-to-date references.

Table of contents and sample pages can be viewed from Google Books and Sample Chapter 8″vSphere Standard Switch” is available for free download from hereThe book is available for purchase via Amazon and if you are in India try FlipKart.

Upcoming Book Release – Networking for VMware Administrators

Networking in virtualization is one of my favorite areas; my networking skills do miss few bits here and there.  I am looking forward to get a hand on copy of this book, as it would help to perfect my network troubleshooting.  The book as you would expect by the title, focuses on networking, and is destined for VMware admins willing to learn more about networking, written by Chris Wahl and Steve Pantol. I am a regular reader of Chris Wahl’s blog and also a fan for his writing and creative posters. 🙂


Chris Wahl is one of the bloggers out there who is very active and does killer content.  He is a datacenter guy with VCDX title and great speaker and teacher. He has produced aTrainsignal‘s course vCloud Director Essentials training.

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New Book – VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense

Prepare to succeed at your VCDX panel defense and gain world-class knowledge for designing complex VMware environments. VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification, achieved by dedicated  professionals who have demonstrated exceptional skill in VMware enterprise deployments.


To earn a VCDX, professionals must create a complete enterprise VMware design and undergo an arduous defense at the hands of some of the world’s most sophisticated VMware experts.

New Book – VMware Private Cloud Computing with vCloud Director

Empowered by virtualization, companies are not just moving into the cloud, they’re moving into private clouds for greater security, flexibility, and cost savings. However, this move involves more than just infrastructure. It also represents a different business model and a new way to provide services. In this detailed book, VMware vExpert Simon Gallagher makes sense of private cloud computing for IT administrators. From basic cloud theory and strategies for adoption to practical implementation, he covers all the issues. You’ll learn how to build a private cloud and deliver it as a service using VMware vCloud Director 5.1.

9781118180587 cover.indd

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New Book – vSphere High Performance Cookbook

VMware vSphere is the key virtualization technology in today’s market. vSphere is a complex tool and incorrect design and deployment can create performance-related problems. vSphere High Performance Cookbook is focused on solving those problems as well as providing best practices and performance-enhancing techniques.

Vsphere Performance

vSphere High Performance Cookbook offers a comprehensive understanding of the different components of vSphere and the interaction of these components with the physical layer which includes the CPU, memory, network, and storage. If you want to improve or troubleshoot vSphere performance then this book is for you!